Intramural Basketball Program

Intramural Basketball


Saturday 3/11;

10:30AM      K-2

Monday 3/13:                     Home                   Away

7PM:  Boys MS   #2 Madden WIN   vs.  #3 Maguire

8PM:  Boys MS   #1 Bernstein WIN vs.  #4 Krumpter

9PM:  Boys HS   #4 Rouse              vs. #5 Bernstein WIN

Wednesday 3/15:                    Home              Away

8PM:  Boys HS    #1 Ryan  WIN vs.     #5 Bernstein

9PM:  Boys HS    #2 Nadir  WIN vs.       #3 LaBarbera

Thursday 3/16:                   Home             Away

7PM: Boys MS      Bernstein  vs. Madden

Monday 3/20:                     Home         Away    

8PM: Boys HS:          Ryan    vs. Nadir


Coed Grades K-2: 10 weeks, one hour per week on Saturday mornings 10:30-11:30. First 4-5 weeks will involve drills and practice. remaining weeks will be split between drills and practice and educational team play.

All grades 3-12 will have one practice per week. The time and venue will be determined by the coach once teams are formed.

  • Boys Grades 6-8: 10 games + playoffs. One practice per week. One game per week, liely Wed. or Thu. evenings starting at 7 or 8PM.
  • Boys Grades 9-12: 10 games + playoffs. One practice per week. One game per week, likely 9PM Wed, Thu or Fri evenings.

If you have any questions, please contact Athletic Director Chris Felice,


All players must wear the intramural uniform (jersey and shorts) to all games.  Players who played in the prior year intramural program may re-use their uniforms if so desired. New uniforms may be purchased for $25.


Refund Policy NO EXCEPTIONS: Full refund if withdrawn prior to 11/1/16- Credit Voucher from 11/1/16 through 11 /30/16- No refunds after 12/1/16.

To Download an Informational Flyer click here